Braid SeaFox 3/4oz (21gr)

Braid SeaFox 3/4oz (21gr)
Item# SeafoxJig-3-4oz

Product Description

The SeaFox jig is made by Braid Products Inc.

This is an inshore or finesse jig. Weighing 3/4oz (21gr), it is 5 inches (12cm) long.

This is a great inshore, nearshore jig. Perfect for everything from trout and strippers to pompano and flounder.

We even tested it on a weedpatch about 10 miles offshore and managed to catch mahi-mahi and blackfin tuna...

This jig has two eyelets; one on the nose and one on top. If you use the top eyelet, this jig will sway side to side.

This jig is available in 3 colors: Midnight which is a black/blue/silver combo, Green/Gold, and Pink Silver.

***This jig does NOT come in the retail pack since it's too bulky for shipping. Bulk packaging only****

You can see a video here:

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