SuperSonic 200gr Vertical Jig

TJHQ-50 Supersonic 200gr (7oz)
TJHQ-50 Supersonic 200gr (7oz)
Item# tjhq50-supersonic-200gr

Product Description

The SuperSonic jigs are center weighted and symmetrical vertical jigs with a very narrow but long profile.

This vertical jig style is ideal for Speed jigging. This jig can be easily made to swim really erratically, darting every other which way.

All SuperSonic vertical jigs feature highly reflective holographic finish and 3D eyes. These come pre-rigged with an ultra-sharp hook, split and closed rings. This vertical jig is ready for action !

The 200gr SuperSonic weights 7.1 oz and measures 9 inches (24cm)

This short video will give you a closer look:

The HeadQuarter for All Your Vertical Jigs Needs!