FlatHead 150gr

TJHQ110 FlatHead 150gr (5.3 oz)
TJHQ110 FlatHead 150gr (5.3 oz)
Item# tjhq110_FlatHead_150gr

Product Description

The FlatHead is a tai-kabura style jig featuring a high and flat body. This design tends to make the jig glide a bit more than traditional kabura.

This jig is very effective on bottom fish such as groupers, snappers, flounders, halibuts, seabass, etc and on inshore species such as redfish, snook, trout, strippers, etc. Available in two colors: Silver/Blue and Gold/Purple. The Silver/Blue FlatHead features a Chartreuse / Silverish /Blue skirt while the Gold/Purple FlatHead features a Red/Blue/Chartreuse skirt.

This jig weights 150gr (5.3 oz) and measures 6 inches (16.5cm)

Get a better feel for the colors by watching this short clip:

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