Kabura MATATA 100gr

TJHQ-I40 Matata 100gr (3.5oz)
TJHQ-I40 Matata 100gr (3.5oz)
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Product Description

The Kabura Matata is a tai-kabura style jig designed to be jigged in a series of short hops along the bottom.

This fishing method is especially deadly on bottom dwelling fish such as flounder, black seabass, snappers, groupers, etc. This jig will work inshore as well for stripers, redfish, trout, jack, snook,etc.

The Gold n Silver Matata has a chartreuse,white and orange skirt. The Sardine Matata has a black, blue and silverish skirt.

These jigs weigh 100gr (3.5oz) and are pre-rigged with ultra sharp hooks.

Here is a very short clip on them:

The HeadQuarter for All Your Vertical Jigs Needs!